Conference Call Etiquette In Times Of COVID-19

Conference Call Etiquette In Times Of COVID-19

All of us who work in hospitals or just about businesses of any kind have changed most of our former in-person committee meetings to conference calls using WebEx, Go To Meeting, Blue Jeans, etc. These programs can be pretty powerful tools that can keep the hospital or company running smoothly while maintaining social distancing for […]

The Cost Of A Committee Meeting

I am on 29 committees that involve everything from our hospital, the broader medical center, our department, and the college. So, I spend a lot of time in meetings and so do a lot of other physicians. Your hospital probably has a committee for just about everything. Next time you are in a committee meeting, […]

The Committee Menagerie

Recently, my son jumped up from the dinner table and ran outside. It turns out he was chasing a Pokemon on his iPhone. There are hundreds of different Pokemon and as it happens, there are also dozens of different creatures that inhabit the committee menagerie. Whenever I sit down at a hospital committee meeting and […]