How Much Should A Hospital Subsidize A Hospitalist?

How Much Should A Hospital Subsidize A Hospitalist?

The most rapidly growing specialty in medicine is hospitalist medicine. The demand exceeds the supply and as a consequence, salaries are increasing annually at a remarkable rate. Most hospitals cannot function without hospitalists and most hospitalists cannot earn their entire salary from clinical billings alone. Thus, hospitals and hospitalists have formed a symbiotic relationship over […]

Take The Money Or Take The Quality Metric?

Yesterday, I was faced with a philosophical dilemma: is it better for the hospital to get paid more for a hospital admission or to have a better score on publicly reported quality outcomes? Heroin overdose is an epidemic in Ohio (see the post: Found Down With A Needle In The Arm). At issue was a […]

Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Surgeon

If you are addicted to the National Geographic Channel, like I am, then you’ve probably seen videos of Adelie penguins. The males build nests out of stones in frozen Antartica in order to attract female penguins. Instead of going out and collecting their own stones, some criminal male penguins will steal stones from one his neighbor’s […]

How Many Researchers Can You Really Afford?

Academic medical centers’ reputations are rarely built on the quality of clinical care or the quality of education. Reputations are built on the volume of research grants and publications. The academic medical center becomes famous by doing research about clinical care and publishing about education. Similarly, to be promoted as a faculty member at most colleges […]