Who Really Pays For Medicaid?

Here is the thing… people get sick. And they get sick whether or not they have health insurance. And when they get sick, they come to the emergency room. And EMTALA law says that when they come to the emergency room, if they are sick enough, we have to admit them and treat them. So […]

The Starling Curve Of Physician Productivity

As physicians, we learn about the Starling curve in the first year of medical school. It expresses the relationship between left ventricular end-diastolic volume and cardiac output. The same can be applied to the relationship between physician RVU productivity and departmental/institutional health. The physiologic relationship dictates that as end-diastolic volume increases, cardiac output also increases, […]

Do Happy Doctors Make Less Money?

I was reading over the 2016 Medscape Physician Compensation Report and was struck by some of the results. Every year, Medscape does a survey of physicians about their income, job satisfaction, demographics, etc. Last year, 19,200 physicians, responded to the survey and it unveiled some curious results. Perhaps not surprisingly, the 6 specialties with the […]

Medicaid Reduces Emergency Department Use

A couple of months ago, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown visited our hospital to do a press announcement about legislation that he and Senator John McCain were sponsoring. After the formal event, I spent a few minutes speaking with Senator Brown. I was telling him about how we had seen a decrease in our emergency department visits […]