Medications To Prevent COPD Readmissions

Medications To Prevent COPD Readmissions

The number of inhalers available by prescription in the United States grew enormously this year. If it is hard for me as a pulmonologist to keep up with all of them, then it has got to be nearly impossible for the hospitalist or primary care physician to keep up. But with all of the new […]

Prescribing Oxygen

Prescribing Oxygen

It is pretty common to have to start a patient on home oxygen after discharge from the hospital but ordering oxygen for home use is much different and much more complicated than ordering oxygen in the hospital. The good news is that our patients have more options than ever before but the bad news is […]

CG-CAHPS Survey Demystified

The HCAHPS survey is designed to let patients rate their hospital based on their satisfaction with the care provided during an inpatient stay. The CG-CAHPS survey lets patients rate their outpatient doctor or group practice. CG-CAHPS stands for “Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems”. The information is publicly reported on Medicare’s Physician Compare website. In my case, the […]

I Can’t Get No (patient) Satisfaction

Last week, I attended a breakfast that our medical center put on for physicians ranking in the top 10% nationwide for patient satisfaction. The remarkable thing is that last year, no one invited me to breakfast. Not even close. In fact last year, my patient satisfaction scores were abysmal. Did I change my doctor-patient interactions? […]

The Obesification of America

Americans are obese. We’re more obese than any other country and we’re getting more obese each year. The most recent results of the 2015 National Health Interview Survey were recent released and they paint a picture of the reality of Americans’ health. In 2015, 30.4% of American adults were obese. For those of you unfamiliar with […]

340B Programs

Ohio State is about to expand its 340B program to include a free-standing pharmacy and the outpatient infusion centers. It gave me a chance to brush up on what a 340B program is. The 340B program was created by the federal government in 1992 as a way to provide discounted outpatient drug pricing to healthcare […]