Not On My Watch: Avoiding Deaths In The Hospital

Hospitals don’t want patients to die in the hospital. On the surface, this seems like a good thing. However, patients do get ill and eventually, every patient (and everybody else) will die somewhere. Hospitals are incentivized to have patients die anywhere except in the hospital, even if the hospital is the best place for them […]

Improving Patient Satisfaction

Last month, Christy Dempsey, the Chief Nursing Officer of Press Ganey, visited our medical center to discuss strategies hospitals can use to improve patient satisfaction. She had some really insightful comments. Improved patient satisfaction doesn’t just improve your hospital’s scores on the Medicare Hospital Compare website, but it also results in lower length of stay […]

Disaster Drill Management

This week, our city staged a mass-casualty disaster drill. In preparing for it, I found that there is very little written about the medical director’s responsibilities in disaster preparation. The scenario was this: terrorists explode bombs at Mapfre stadium (home to the Columbus Crew professional soccer team) and John Glenn Airport then attack civilians with guns. […]

HCAHPS Survey Demystified

The HCAHPS survey measures patient satisfaction with inpatient care. It is sent to patients after discharge with instructions to fill it out and mail it in a pre-paid envelope. The results are posted on the Medicare Hospital Compare website where you can see how your hospital performs compared to other hospitals in the same state and […]