The Nine Things That Motivate Doctors

Doctors are unique animals in that the things that motivate them don’t necessarily motivate other people and moreover, they aren’t always motivated by the same things that motivate everyone else. So to make your hospital work, you have to know what makes them tick. Here are the 9 things that motivate doctors. #1: Improve patients’ lives. […]

A Tale Of 2 Code Blues

Yesterday, we had two codes in our hospital’s lobbies. I get a page for every code blue that occurs at our hospital; it allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of the hospital. Code blue is the designation we give for a cardiopulmonary arrest. When a code occurs on a nursing unit, it […]

Run, Hide, Fight

The text message on my phone read: “Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College”. It was a deranged student who went on a stabbing spree on the Ohio State University campus, injuring 13 people before being shot to death by OSU police last November. My son lives in a […]

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

A couple of weeks ago, I got one of those calls that you dread as a medical director. I was in the office seeing pulmonary patients and one of the hospital supervisors paged me to tell me that a nurse covering patients on one of the hospital floors smelled alcohol on the breath of one of […]

The Nuns Versus Blue Cross

Anyone who has been to our hospital recognizes it right away. It is circular. If you are driving from the east into Columbus on interstate 70, it rises up in front of you like a giant cylinder on the horizon. Each nursing unit is round and the patient rooms are all on the outside, like slices […]

The 6 Words

As the medical director of a hospital, my job is not to cure disease and save lives. My job is to create an environment where other doctors can cure disease and save lives.  And that’s where the 6 most important words for a medical director comes in. Being a hospital medical director is a lot like being […]

Electronic Medical Record Translation Guide

For those of you who are new to electronic medical records, you will be learning a new language used by physicians who use electronic medical records. This quick guide will help you translate into English: When the physician says:        The physician means: @*#$(^*@                             Would you be so kind as to help me route this encounter? […]

Necktie, Vector Tie

If you know me, then you know that I usually don’t wear a tie at work. For most businessmen, a tie is a necessary fashion accessory to the male work wardrobe. For me, it is a device to transfer bacteria from one to another patient. Studies have shown that 50% of physician’s ties are contaminated […]

The Sports Page

Last week, we filmed one of Ohio State’s MedNet-21 webcasts, this one on Environmental Emergencies. One of the topics was hypothermia and one of the presenters, Dr. Nick Kman from OSU, made the comment that “a hypothermic patient is not dead until they are warm and dead”. That reminded me of when I was taught that […]